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Don’t miss Youth Inc’s open day

The doors of Youth Inc are always open to local young people, but a special open day is on next Tuesday, 13 December to promote the fantastic services this facility has on offer.

Running from 3.30pm until 7pm, the open day will include a pool competition, tours of the Youth Inc building, information on the various services available to young people as well as free food and entertainment.

Keeping the event youth focused, and with support from Youth Inc and Freeza, member of the Loddon Murray Youth Leadership Program (LMYLP) Clarisa Wiggins helped co-ordinate the event.

Ms Wiggins said she put her hand up to organise the open day as she had to select a community project through LMYLP to get involved in.

“I chose Youth Inc because I feel like it’s a really great place for young people and I feel like the community is not as aware of the service as much as they could be,” Ms Wiggins said.

“I really hope that through the open day we can teach and educate young people of Swan Hill about what Youth Inc does, so more people utilise Youth Inc as a networking service, and as a safe space to hang out.

“It’s going to be a really fun night and I hope that young people, their parents and any interested community members to come along.

Ms Wiggins added that organising the event had been a fantastic learning experience.

“I’ve learned that planning is a key elements of putting a community event together, as well as promotion and even dealing with the media.

“On top of that it also gave me the opportunity to learn more about the functions of Youth Inc and its important role in our community.”

The Youth Inc Open Day is a free event, and was made possible thanks to Youth Inc, Freeza and Council.

For more information, contact Council’s Youth Support Officer Nellie Patterson on 0419 288 365.

This post has been syndicated from the Swan Hill Rural City Council website and was correct at the time of posting. Read the original post here: Don’t miss Youth Inc’s open day

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