Monday, 26 July 2021

2021 Youth Arts Festival Ambassador applications now open!

We know that things have changed and the future is a bit uncertain however we also know the importance of an event like the Youth Arts Festival. We have extraordinarily talented young people in our community and we want to still shine a light on their talents.

The Youth Arts Festival might look different to previous years but we are going to do everything we can to create a platform for our young people. This is why we have decided to open applications for this year’s Youth Arts Festival Ambassador.

We are looking for someone (16 -25) who will help lift the profile of young local artists and performers in their community. Someone who is highly motivated has good time management skills, flexible and lives locally.

For more information contact Will at Youth Inc on 0419 288 365 or email

POSITION Swan Hill Youth Arts Festival (YAF) Ambassador 2021
TIMES AND DAYS REQUIRED Start date to be decided / regular meetings with committee and YAF board (approximately eight 1-2 hour meetings)
SKILLS/QUALIFICATIONS Communication and Leadership skills
CLOSING DATE Friday, 6 August 2021

Overview of Role

The Swan Hill Youth Arts Festival (YAF) was first held in 2014 to celebrate and enrich the talent of young people in our community. Supported by both Swan Hill Rural City Council and Swan Hill District Health, YAF gives young people the opportunity to be affirmed, encouraged and appreciated as talented young people in the arts. The YAF Ambassador is the faces of the festival, aged between 16 and 25 and will help to lift the profile of young local artists and performers in their community. We are looking for someone who is highly motivated, has good time management skills, are flexible and live locally. The YAF ambassador will have a strong sense of community and be willing to participate with local partners.


  • Organise and facilitate the Youth Arts Festival with the help of the YAF committee
  • Promote the Youth Arts Festival in schools and community
  • Communicate  with all young people involved on the YAF committee
  • Report all conversations and concerns about the festival to the YAF Board
  • Assist in reviewing the event and providing suggestions for improving YAF 2020
  • Work in cohesion with local partners

What You Will Learn

  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Experience in Project Management
  • Learn to facilitate group discussions  and manage meetings
  • Public speaking opportunities


Submit your application online!